Finding Home

Everyone told me returning to the UK would ignite reverse-culture-shock. Everything would feel strange. I would be longing for Korea’s bright lights, Korea’s food, Korea’s everything. But truth be told, I amn’t (I’m even back to using un-proper English). Of course I’ll never forget about Korea – it was a huge part of my life and made me some great friends – but it was never home.

My first week at home basically involved sauntering around at snails’ pace whilst shopping, eating, catching up with missed persons and seeing Jimmy Eat World at what was once known as the Carling Academy. This week, aka my second week at home, has ad me going up a few gears.  I had to move from my parents’ house to Glasgow over the weekend, sort out a bunch of administrative uni stuff, remember to update this blog and pop in to see the assistant editor at Source to discuss my work (I got compliments, yay!) and find about more about the publication.

After getting caught up and organised I realised everything else is pretty much how I left it (bar a few marriages, babies, jobs, graduations etc) and it feels like years since I lived in Korea. For now, I’m going to take a breather and psyche myself up for uni. After working on the plan for my next Source article…


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